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How to Track Instagram Comments with 3 Easy Methods!

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, has become a massive online marketplace for businesses, creating a dynamic environment. The key to success as a marketer is to increase your visibility and ultimately your sales by increasing engagement.

In this case, Instagram comments are an indispensable part of your online presence, offering direct interaction with your customers. It doesn’t matter the size of your business; you shouldn’t skip tracking Instagram comments that can create invaluable feedback or a way to increase your sales and gain new customers.

However, it can be challenging to keep track of these comments. In this blog post, I will explain how to track Instagram comments easily and why you should take them seriously.

Understand the Critical Value of Your Comments

Instagram comments are a great channel for you to communicate with your clients publicly. Always approach your comments as a ticket to your potential customers. Any missed comments could result in a lost opportunity, which includes increased engagement and sales. That’s why you should take them seriously.

In the app-built notifications section, under the heart icon, which is placed next to your DMs, you’ll maybe see hundreds of different notifications. These notifications include likes, new followers, mentions, reposts, tags, replies, and even live video notifications (I know you specifically hate live video notifications). So, it may be tough not to lose yourself in all these notifications while you want to focus on your comments.

Think of missing a comment like “How do I sign up?”. It could be very disappointing to lose a potential customer.

What if You Missed Comments?

In a case where you don’t pay real attention to your comments section, you may end up with lots of opportunities and potential customers. Remember, these comments show your customers’ intent. The comment could be about your product, delivery options, etc. You both lose the chance to increase engagement and sales if you ignore the comments or miss them.

While your aim is to increase the traffic to your website, or maybe increase engagement on the platform to maximize your profits, not keeping track of your comments sounds a bit ironic. I guess your stress level while reading these words since I’ve been there, too. Now please just relax and let’s explore the ways that will allow you to take control over your comments section!

3 Best Ways to Track Your Instagram Comments

Considering the abundance of your notifications (a good sign!), finding the best and easiest ways to track the comments is important. Let’s explore the three methods!

1.     Turn on Push Notifications

This is one of the easiest ways to track your Instagram comments: turning on your push notifications. You can set up your Instagram settings to notify you specifically for comments and filter out anything else you want at the same time. Here’s how you can do it easily:

  • Go to your Instagram account. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner.

Written by

Shuvo Miah

Stacey Thornhill leads the way in digital media and content strategy. She perfectly combines her marketing passion with a rich expertise in digital platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
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